Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mom has really wanted me to make Panettone. I haven't made it in about five years. I think about it and then make coffeecakes for Christmas morning. That's because Mom isn't here at Christmas as she is a snowbird of sorts. Since she is helping with my pies I am making her panettone.
(adapted from the Hitachi bread machine book)
1cup water
1tsp salt
3cups bread flour
1 stick butter
4tablespoons sugar
3tablespoons dry milk
4 tablespoons candied fruit
1/4 cup raisins(I like golden raisins here)
1teaspoon vanilla
2tsp instant yeast (red SAF preferable)
egg wash for the tops
I mix this in my bread machine through the first rise. I then take it out and shape it into three large or 6 small loaves. To get the traditional round shape I use baking flower pots.  I have these in two sizes.
Let's do a replay on the sizes..... because this is what happened to the three larger ones
These odd looking giant mushrooms tasted fine but what a mess to look at. I then decided that I must use all four of my big pots. So after a few hours I tried again!

Guess what is under the cloth?   Of course.......

SUCCESS!  These look more like the Pope's hats they are suppose to resemble!  And still delicious...

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