Monday, November 22, 2010

Making Mincemeat with Mom and more jars........

Last week I was doing wash for my Mom when I spotted her canning jars and found a few pint jars that I wanted (see Mason Jar post)  This week I got a call from my Mom asking if I think we could make Mincemeat.
I said sure not really knowing what this meant since my try at mincemeat last year was with the Crockpot and
I didn't chop the meat fine enough.  I knew she was thinking about her way and it has been at least ten years since she had made any even though she would deny this....
Recently I have been reading posts from young mothers cooking with their kids. Guess what it really never ends. Mom had her  shoulder operated on a couple of months back so really couldn't use the old grinder(ahem the grinder is dated 1898)  but she got me right into it!

First we ground the cooked beef and then about three pounds of apples.....Sticky........
then added the sugar,syrup, candied fruit, spices and let it boil and boil. Savoring the thought of Christmas tarts.  I am about the only one I know who loves mincemeat.

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