Monday, October 25, 2010

MOUSE SAGA or the joys of living in the country in fall

About a week ago my two cats entered the living room with a prize they had recovered from the kitchen......A mouse...
Dexter had the mouse in his mouth then neatly dropped it while Duffy retrieved it.

I encouraged these guys to retreat to the kitchen with the mouse. After several failed attempts to get Duffy to drop the mouse, I successfully maneuvered the trio to the door and escorted the mouse to the porch. I figured this guy would try to get out through one of the many gaps and holes in the porch. Fast forward to Sunday and Duffy is insisting he needs to go out on the porch and that he knows something is behind the boot bin. I kind of look with him but figure the is just following the old mouse trail. Monday afternoon, Duffy comes to tell me he needs to go out on the porch now! ( if you don't own a yellow tom or a talking cat, you now think I have totally lost it) So I let him out and he again thinks there is something behind the boot bin so I decide that I will clean the boot bin. As I dust behind the bin, with one eye to the floor, I see the mouse climb up a board and scurry away. Neither cat is impressed or around as they are now entertaining a guest.

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