Monday, January 25, 2010

Starter Breads

January has been my fresh start with starters. Since I run a cool house with Temps in the 60's, I have kept a starter on the counter where I can stir it and add to it daily. When I get about two cups I make a bread using one cup and add to the second. I am on my third week of breads and there is a definite differnce in flavor and texture.
This bread was an oatmeal bread with apricots.

The "leftovers" were made into bread pudding.
Hardly a week goes by then we don't need an Italian bread. Last week I made two huge loaves with the starter. The leftover was made into bread crumbs. They have an interesting taste and will be even more interesting in my fish topping this week.

My bread this week is an orange pineapple whole wheat bread. I should have shaped it like the oatmeal bread as it exploded in the bread pan. This starter bread thing is amazing!

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